Little Lion Photography Co. is a we, not a me.

Yes I, Samantha, am the one that captures your family but the amazing people that help this company thrive everyday are vital to the success of this little business.

When I was struggling to name my business I thought long and hard how it can represent me and my family the best. My last name León means Lion in Spanish and having two small children just made sense to think of Little Lion Photography. After I put those pieces together, I thought about my husband and how hard he worked to help me make this dream come true. I realized that this wont be a business venture just for myself but, everyone in my life that supported me. Chris has helped me trouble shoot everything from contract negotiations for my commercial studio space to helping me find that fine art photography really is where I excel.

If you have been to my studio, my husband, a few of his employees, my brother in law and father in law were the ones that moved all of the cabinets to the back storage. They painted the entire front studio space, transported my equipment and dresses. My mom has helped me hang every image on the walls, organize the cabinets, set up and take down every set; including the Christmas mini set up. I credit her for introducing me to the fine arts. I was in just 7th grade when she took me to San Francisco and I saw paintings by Monte. From then on we have traveled the world and have seen some of the most amazing pieces of art. I was able to see Rembrandt’s work at the Hermitage in St. Petersburg in 2016 and that is when I knew I wanted to create art that was going to last a lifetime. My makeup artist does her art on your gorgeous faces before you ever step foot in front of my camera. We have gotten extremely busy over that last few months and she is there every session making sure you look your best; she even knows my personal preference on makeup. My children cheer me on every time I receive an award; they just asked last night if I’ll be receiving “another gold star sticker” like they do in school. You, my clients trust me with your most impactful life milestones. You come to me for my vision and style because it’s how you want to remember your family. Our company wouldn’t function without each any every person.

Little Lion Photography Co. will always be a “WE” and never a “me”.

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