Maternity photography is a new genre in the portrait world that has taken off like a rocket within the last 10 or so years. It is unfortunate that celebrating the pregnant body is a new societal norm but I am all here for it and have made it my goal to have as many women celebrate the beauty that they each have. In society women are often overlooked in areas of celebration. We give life to this world! I encourage women to book their session around their 12th week of pregnancy to ensure being able to secure the most desired date with the session taking place between 27 to 30 weeks along. Women often feel their best during the 2nd trimester so it is best to take advantage of that time.

Maternity photography can be put under a few different styles. Lifestyle photography, unposed, typically outdoor and often not looking directly at the camera is fairly popular amongst the “content” world of social media influencers and those that they “influence”. My style is quite different in my posing, location and editing as it represents true pieces of art as shown in the images below.

My clients come to me for a consultation where we discuss each facet of the session, what type of images they are preferring, where the images will be hung and style of wall art and printed products. My folio boxes and prints come from a professional lab in Poland that takes such care in creating the products I could not imagine using another vendor. I have my own lab representative that helped me curate my product offerings specific to my style of work. We found gorgeous photographic paper that my images look their absolute best on. The texture is out of this world! From there, I discuss how creative or simple more classic images. My amazing make up artist enhances each client so beautifully. They all are so beautiful on their own, but adding professional make up allows them to feel their very best and it adds that extra bit of luxury to the session. My studio is also full of custom couture dresses from the UK and Germany. I work with some of the best designers in the world as their dresses fit a range of women’s bodies for both maternity and non maternity.

I have had some of the most beautiful sessions in 2020, despite the pandemic we created beautiful art. From completely out of the box with paper flowers and creative posing to including bespoke cultural clothing for the entire family. I have been so inspired this year, I cannot wait to see how 2021 comes together.

Do not be afraid of wanting to create classic art. We should ordain our walls with the life that lives inside of it instead of cheap artwork that carries no sentimental value. By doing so, we leave a legacy for our children so we live on as does our love for them.

Happy capturing!


a pregnant Hmong mother during a maternity session
a pregnant mother wearing a purple dress during a maternity photo session
a pregnant mother wearing a red tulle dress during a maternity photo session

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